Incorporating Education into the Family to Family Initiative
Written by Nancy M. Shea, JD, Lois A. Weinberg, Phd, Andrea Zetlin, EdD, and supported by the Stuart Foundation, this booklet looks at how to better meet the educational needs of children and youth in the foster care system through the Family to Family core strategies. The booklet was the result of a three-year project with seven California counties and presents examples of how counties can integrate education into their Family to Family work.

Helping Your Child Succeed in School: An Education Handbook for Parents and Caregivers of Children and Youth in the Foster Care System (May 2006)
Written by Nancy M. Shea, JD, Lois A. Weinberg, Phd, and Andrea Zetlin, EdD through support from the Support Foundation, this handbook present a comprehensive overview of the school system, education laws, education advocacy, special education, etc.
Spanish Version

Itís My Life: Postsecondary Education and Training
A resource guide for child welfare professionals to help young people from foster care prepare academically, financially, and emotionally for postsecondary education and training success, 2006 by Casey Family Programs

How Can a Foster Parent Help a Child in Care Get Needed Special Education Help?
Created by the American Bar Association Legal Center for Foster Care and Education (April, 2007), this document summarizes relevant special education decision-making issues for foster parents. The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education (Legal Center FCE) is a collaboration between Casey Family Programs , ABAís Center on Children and the Law, Education Law Center-PA and the Juvenile Law Center.

Scholarships for Minorities, Low-Income Students, Immigrants and Foster Youth, F2F Team, October 2007
Use this document as a reference to some of the educational scholarships available to students seeking financial assistance.

Education Challenges and Opportunities for Foster Children and Youth
Created by Mark Courtney, this Powerpoint was presented at the Pacific Region Family to Family Convenings, 2007