Building Community Partnerships

Establishing relationships with a wide range of community organizations in neighborhoods where referral rates to the child welfare system are high and collaborating to create an environment that supports families involved in the child welfare system.

Annie E. Casey Foundation Family to Family Tools and Resources

Family to Family Key Elements for Building Community Partnerships

Building Community Partnerships: Step by Step
This is a 2006 update to the Family to Family core strategy tool, Building Community Partnerships with Neighborhoods and Local Communities, which was developed for Family to Family sites and community partners in 2002.

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Information is Powerful! The Community Partnerships for Protecting Children's Fall 2003 issue of SafeKeeping highlights the importance of information to keep children safe and strengthen child welfare services for children, youth, and families by building partnerships.

The Role of the Community Representative at Team Decisionmaking Meetings-2005

Ensuring the Participation of Community Representatives at TDM: Sequencing Suggestions-2005

Suggestions for Brief Orientation/Training of TDM Community Representatives-DRAFT Oct 2005

Ten Tips for Ensuring Effective Community Participation in TDM-2005

How to Get Started - Roles and Responsibilities
A sample of how Child Welfare Agencies can creating an environment to model the behavior that they wish to encourage.

How to Build Collaborations

How to Plan a Community Forum-Page 1

How to Plan a Community Forum-Page 2

Sample Community Forum Invitation Letter & Agenda

Sample Community Forum Survey

Community Partnership Strategy Group Worksheet - Use this worksheet in your strategy group as they begin to ponder first steps in partnerships with potential groups.

Building Community Partnerships Summary-Page 1

Building Community Partnerships Summary-Page 2 - Reach Out, Agree On the Goal and the Role, Bridge the Gap, Strengthen the Safety Net, Straight Talk, etc.

Community Outreach and Engagement - Getting Started-Page 1

Community Outreach and Engagement - Getting Started-Page 2

Community Outreach and Engagement - Getting Started-Page 3

Rolling Out the Child Welfare/Community Partnership

You Can Make a Difference
Here's a good sample of one approach to community development. The attached flyer was developed by Wayne County, Michigan F2F folks to recruit community reps to their TDMs (which they call Family Case Reviews--FCRs.) They have been quite successful in getting neighborhood folks to their meetings in their first targeted area.