Youth Permanency and Transition

There's No Place Like Home, A Guide to Permanency Options for Foster Youth, Sacramento County Child Protective Services and California Permanency for Youth Project, 2006

2008 National Youth Permanency Convening Recommendations
This document was prepared by the Family to Family Youth Engagement TA team based on a facilitated session with youth and young adults attending the 2008 National Youth Permanency Convening.

Finding Permanency for Youth, Resource Guidebook, Fresno County Department of Children and Family Services and California Permanency for Youth Project, 2006

California Permanency for Youth Project (CPYP)

Youth Thoughts on Permanence (June, 2008)
This article is a summary of youth and alumni's experience in permanency as reported during the 2008 National Permanency for Youth Convening in Washington, DC. The summary was developed by the Youth Engagement Team from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Emancipated Youth Connections Project Final Report/Toolkit (Sept, 2008)
Developed by the California Permanency for Youth Project, this project assisted twenty young adults, who left the child welfare system with few or no permanent connections, to find and create relationships necessary for human identity, development and stability. The final report describes and evaluates this work, and includes a toolkit for those who are interested in replicating and/or customizing youth permanency into their agencies and organizations.