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About the California and Pacific Region Family to Family Initiative:

The California Family to Family Initiative is a public-private partnership between national and state foundations and the California Department of Social Services. Foundation partners in the California Initiative include the Annie E Casey Foundation, the Stuart Foundation, the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, and the Center for Social Services Research at UC Berkeley. Currently, 25 of the 58 California counties participate in the Family to Family Initiative and approximately 88% of the 78,960 children in California child welfare supervised foster care are living in a Family to Family county. (Data from Center for Social Services at UC Berkeley, Oct 2006). The Pacific Region includes 25 of the 58 California Counties and the State of Washington and Alaska. For more information, contact cafamily2family@yahoo.com. About the Annie E. Casey Foundation Family to Family Initiative

The Annie E Casey Foundation developed the Family to Family Initiative in 1992 and is a nationwide child welfare and foster care reform initiative that provides principles, strategies and tools designed to help States and local child welfare agencies achieve better outcomes for children and families. There are currently 17 states across the country participating in the Initiative and 65% of the kids in care are living in a Family to Family site. For more information, about the history of the Annie E Casey Foundation and the "Casey Cousin" foundations (Casey Family Programs, Casey Family Services, Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiatives, and the Margaritte Casey Foundation) please see
Who is Jim Casey? and The Annie E. Casey Foundation Family to Family Website.

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Key Elements of Family to Family Four Core Strategies
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California County Family to Family Overview Examples

  Alameda County Family to Family Outcomes, Goals, and Strategies PowerPoint Presentation
  Alameda County Family to Family Outcomes PowerPoint Presentation 2004
  Orange County Family to Family PowerPoint Presentation: Overview and Progress 2005
  San Luis Obispo Family to Family Overview Presentation, 2005
  San Bernardino County F2F Brochure, 2007
  Family to Family Brochure created by San Luis Obispo County 2005

  Family to Family posters created by Placer County:

Why Family to Family
Using Data to Guide Policy and Practice
Family to Family 4 Core Strategies
Recruitment, Training and Support-Essential Tools
Team Decision Making
Building Partnerships with Neighborhoods and Communities

  Examples of Family to Family County Newsletters: