Recruitment, Development and Support of Resource Families

Finding and maintaining foster, adoptive and kinship families who can support children and families in their own neighborhoods.

Annie E. Casey Foundation Family to Family Tools and Resources

Family to Family Key Elements of Recruitment, Development and Suport of Resource Families

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Recruitment To Implementation-Part 1

Recruitment To Implementation-Part 2
What would it take to assure that prospective and experienced resource families feel needed and respected?

Recruitment Is Everybody's Business

Resource Family Recruitment, Training and Retention Annual Report 2003/2004

Resource Family Recruitment, Training and Retention Annual Report 2004/2005

Guide to the Implementation of the Unified Placement Process, Tennessee Department of Children's Services
Submitted by Daryl Chansuthus and Michele Munson (September 2006), this guide was developed to provide tangible information needed to suceed in implementing a Unified Placement Process. The Unified Placement Process is defined as an integrated approach to child placement that timely identifies and provides resources from a continuum of caregiver and service option which are flexible and adaptable to respond to the individualized needs and strengths of children and families.

Legal Advocates for Permanent Parenting (LAPP): Legal Toolkit Series for California Caregivers and Their Partners
LAPP's work is designed to address the need for legal information, training, referral and support for foster parents, relatives raising children, adoptive families, and their child welfare partners. LAPP works to improve communication between caregiver families and agencies, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs), attorneys, and the courts and supports policies that ensure every child in foster care finds a permanent, loving family.

Parent Participation and Icebreakers

Icebreaker Powerpoint, by Karri Biehle, Family to Family Technical Assistant, October 2007

Birth Parent Involvement Models, 2006

Placer County Icebreaker Brochure

  1. Fresno County Icebreaker Protocol
  2. Fresno County Icebreaker Meeting Guide
  3. Fresno County Icebreaker Evaluation Form
  4. Fresno County Icebreaker Social Worker Evaluation

County Examples

Family to Family Adoption Brochure Cover - created by San Luis Obispo County

Family to Family Adoption Brochure Content - created by San Luis Obispo County

Contra Costa County Resource Family Orientation/Recruitment

Contra Costa County Family Orientation/Recruitment Flyer in Spanish

San Diego County Resource Family Recruitment Flyer

Fresno County Teen Recruitment Flyer and 2007 Calendar Brochure

San Bernardino County Resource Family Recruitment Brochure, 2007