Team Decisionmaking

One of the four core strategies that focus on placement issues for children involved or potentially involved in foster care. This team meeting is based on as specific model that involves not only caseworkers and their supervisors, but also birth families, community members, resource families, service providers in all placement decisions regarding children. These meeting usually last 1-2 hours.

Team Decisionmaking Core Planning:

Team Decisionmaking Values

Team Decisionmaking -- Is Not Just Another Meeting

F2F Key Elements of TDM
Description of all elements that need to be in place for full implementation of Team Decisionmaking

Frequently Asked Questions

Core Strategies Are Linked

Implementing Team Decisionmaking
Sequencing suggestions created by AECF national Technical Assistants based on “lessons learned”.

Matrix: Family Team Models
Team Decisionmaking is different from other types of family meetings. This document compares and contrasts TDM with Family Group Decision Making (Family Conferencing) and Family Team Conferences (Wraparound).

TDM’s Unique Characteristics

Team Decisionmaking Protocol
Each county must have a protocol in place before implementing TDM. This document describes the necessary components of the protocol.

Team Decisionmaking Orientation
Preparing Staff and external partners ready to participate in TDMs.

Indicators and Outcomes

Team Decisionmaking Internal Readiness:

Agency Directors – 10 Tips

Supervisors and Managers – 10 Tips

Ten Tips for TDM Supervisors to Develop and Support Facilitators, 2006

Supervisors’ Attendance at Team Decisionmaking Meetings

Case Workers – 10 Tips

Social Worker's Guide to an Effective TDM Meeting

Utilizing Safety and Risk Assessment Information at a TDM

What is a Team Decisionmaking Facilitator?

Sample TDM Facilitator Job/Position Description

Scheduling a TDM

Sample Screening Questions for TDM Scheduler

Structure of a Team Decisionmaking Meeting

Strengths Based Assessment - Its role in Team Decisionmaking

Team Decisionmaking: Participant's Personal Responsibility

Team Decisionmaking and Community Representatives:

The Role of the Community Representatives at Team Decisionmaking Meetings

Sequencing Suggestions: Ensuring the Participation of Community Representatives at TDMs

Suggestions for Brief Orientation/Training of TDM Community Representatives

Ensuring Effective Community Participation in TDMs – 10 Tips

Team Decisionmaking and Other External Partners:

A Message to Caregivers about Team Decisionmaking Meetings

The Role of CASA/GAL – 10 Tips

TDM Conversation with Attorneys

California TDM Data Reporting

Each county participating in F2F will need to complete a quarterly report form to the Lead California TDM Technical Assistant
Sample of CA TDM Quarterly Report form

Reporting timeframes and deadlines

Indicators and Outcomes Sample form for internal discussions

Annie E. Casey Foundation Tools and Resources

AECF Team Decisionmaking Tool (34 pages)

Other AECF TDM tools

New Materials


Placement Fundamentals and TDM

Effective Emergency Removal TDMs

County Examples

Team Decisionmaking Overview Powerpoint, San Diego County, 2007

San Diego Mock TDM, 2007

Team Decisionmaking Satisfaction Survey developed by San Luis Obispo

Sharing TDM Protocol DRAFTS:

The following examples of Team Decisionmaking (TDM) protocols from the California Family to Family sites were each created to meet the unique circumstances and nuances of their County. They may assist you in the development of your protocols. TDM protocols are not static documents but are constantly updated by the local sites.

San Francisco County TDM Protocol

Placer County TDM Brochure

San Bernardino County TDM Brochure, 2007

San Luis Obispo County TDM Brochure, 2005

Birth Parent Involvement Models

You Can Make a Difference
Here's a good sample of one approach to Team Decisionmaking. The attached flyer was developed by Wayne County, Michigan F2F folks to recruit community reps to their TDMs (which they call Family Case Reviews--FCRs.) They have been quite successful in getting neighborhood folks to their meetings in their first targeted area.